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Simmer Style Spark 2009

Simmer Style Spark 2009


Freeride is one of the most popular windsurfing disciplines and gathers a huge number of fans. Some of them are experienced riders, others are still building their skills, but they all enjoy an exciting cruise. The new 2009 Spark is the perfect sail for both categories. It is forgiving and easy to use, yet fast and quite powerful. The Spark is engineered using a technology which requires lower production costs, therefore it is available on the market for a very decent price. Although it is an affordable sail, the Spark offers top quality and performance.

The Spark has a slightly more compact shape which provides excellent maneuverability at all times. At the same time it has a constant and consistent power delivery and can reach impressive speeds. The Simmer Style Spark also has impressive early planning and upwind abilities. The sail works absolutely fine even if it is not perfectly tuned due to the use of a wider sweet spot. This way beginner riders that have yet to learn about fine tuning a sail can enjoy a very fun drive. The sail feels incredible stable in most wind conditions due to the use of a solid five battens skeleton.

Simmer Style has also implemented Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons to make sure that the sail offers a controllable power delivery, that it has a wider wind rage and it is able to maintain a stable draft profile in high winds and at high speeds. The Spark can be used by beginner riders that have just picked up the basics of windsurfing, as well as by intermediate ones that wish to progress. It is also suitable for advanced riders that want to relax out on the waves using a light and user friendly sail. Simmer Style has engineered the Spark using a lightweight structure which makes it very easy to control and handle and improves lightwind performance. Critical areas of the body are reinforced. The Spark has a very fluid glide and offer an exciting freeride at all times.

Simmer Style Spark 2009 Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Simmer Style Spark 2009 Reviewed on Dec 12th 2011
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

The Spark is light and easy to maneuver. However, it lacks the torque demanding freeriders love. It runs smooth and fast, but it could use a quicker acceleration and a faster top speed. It is a good choice for cruising aroung, though......more

Simmer Style Spark 2009 Reviewed on Dec 12th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Perhaps it could be faster, but I like that it feels soft and it is easy to handle. It is very user friendly. Can be used even by beginners.