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Simmer Style Spark 2010

Simmer Style Spark 2010


Freeride is one of the most popular windsurfing disciplines and gathers a huge number of fans. Some of them are expert riders, others are beginners, but they all enjoy a smooth cruise. The new Spark was crafted by Simmer Style to cover the freeride needs of all riders out there. The sail is easy to set up and operate, it has a smooth power delivery and it is very easy to control. A great thing about the Spark is that it is available on the market for a very competitive price. It is crafted using a lightweight and durable construction and offer top performance and quality.

The Spark is a very user friendly sail. It is easy to rig and derig and feels very forgiving out on the water. It even works great when it is not perfectly tuned. The sail is engineered using a medium aspect ratio which assures smooth power delivery and optimal maneuverability. The Dacron luff panel assures this smooth power delivery. The Spark can be used without problems by an entry level rider that want to perform their first tacks and jibes, and holds enough power to suit those riders that wish to progress.

The Simmer Style Spark offers a very smooth glide and has good early planning and upwind performance. The Spark is very easy to maneuver due to the use of a compact clew cutout. The sail is kept very stable at all times by a solid five battens skeleton. The horizontal and vertical shaped battens maintain an optimal draft profile. Special Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons assure a controlled power delivery and improve the sail’s wind range. The Simmer Style Spark is stable, agile and fun to ride. It is guaranteed to offer an excellent freeride session to all riders.