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Simmer Style V-Max 2010

Simmer Style V-Max 2010


Simmer Style team is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there. That is why it crafts top quality gear which always offers high performance. The new 2010 V-Max is the kind of sail which takes freeride to a new level. It is engineered using a new shaping and construction technology which makes it powerful, fast and very accurate. The full profile assures plenty low end power and improves the early planning and upwind potential. The sail is able to offer excellent planning performance without much effort from the rider.

At the same time, the aerodynamic profile makes the V-Max perfect for riding in marginal wind conditions. It is able to turn every wind breath into power and speed and offers a very fast glide. The sail is also easy to set up and operate. It has a low aspect ratio and features a longer boom and a shorter mast. This feature generates more low end power when needed and assures top maneuverability. The Simmer Style V-Max feels very stable on the water surface due to the use of a six battens skeleton. The battens are horizontally shaped and define a full cambered profile which improves overall performance. Additional Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons maintain a stable draft profile and assure a controlled power delivery. At the same time, the Dacron Luff panel optimizes the power delivery to offer a smooth drive.

The new Clew cutout creates a compact line and improves overall maneuverability. The V-Max uses symmetric batten pockets to create aerodynamic symmetry on both tacks. Although the Simmer Style V-Max is quite powerful and fast, it is also user friendly. It is easy to rig and derig and feels light and easy to use out on the waves. The sail is crafted using top quality Monofilm fabrics and reinforced by a robust Kevlar perimeter. This structure makes it light, responsive and very durable.