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Simmer Style V Type 2009

Simmer Style V Type 2009


Many riders enjoy flatwater speed cruising. These riders need fast and powerful sails to power up their thrilling sessions. Simmer Style covers all of their needs with the new series of freride and freerace sails it has released in 2009. One of the most versatile freeride and freerace sail crafted by their team is the new V Type. The V type is engineered using a similar pattern as for the X Type, but using a different construction technology. We can say that the V Type is the lightweight version of the X Type.

The X Type is crafted using a robust X-Ply body, while the V Type is engineered using monofilm fabrics. Monofilm makes the V Type much lighter and a bit softer to handle. The V Type features an aerodynamic profile which generates a smooth and fast glide in most wind conditions. The lightweight structure makes it easy to use even in marginal wind conditions and significantly improves overall handling. The V Type offers similar performance as a cambered sail, without the use of cams. The cam free design makes it more user friendly, easier to rig, derig and operate. This sail works best with wide boards and offers exceptional early planning and upwind performance.

The V Type offers specific performance depending on its size. Smaller V type models are freeride oriented and offer increased maneuverability, while larger models are race oriented and offer blistering speed and acceleration. The sail is also very responsive and reacts quickly to rider input. This way the rider can perform advanced technical moves without worrying about losing control even for a second. A seven battens configuration keeps the sail very steady at all times. Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons assure a controlled power delivery and a wider wind range. The Simmer Style V Type is fast, powerful and accurate. It is an amazing freeride and freerace weapon in the hands of an experienced rider.