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Simmer Style V Type 2010

Simmer Style V Type 2010


The freeride sails introduced by Simmer Style in 2010 are crafted using a new shaping and construction technology, intended to take this discipline to a new level. The 2010 V Type is the perfect machine for the dedicated freerider which demands high performance from a camber free sail. The fact that the V Type has a camber free design makes it very user friendly, easy to rig and derig and easy to operate. The V Type is also engineered to excel in marginal wind conditions. The powerful profile is shaped in such a way that it is able to turn every wind breath into speed and offer a fast and fluid glide even in light winds.

The sail features a Dacron luff panel which generates a smooth, but consistent power. The sail has impressive early planning performance and it is also able to propel the rider upwind at high speeds. A new clew cutout combined with a shorter boom improves stability and pushes the shape forward when the sail is powered up. This way the rider can reach an incredible speed and have total control over the sail. The V Type is also very stable due to the use of a six or seven battens skeleton, depending on size. The battens are horizontally shaped and define a cambered like profile which improves overall performance. Symmetric batten pockets create an optimal aerodynamic symmetry on both tacks of the sail to assure a smooth and fast glide.

The sail uses a moderate aspect ratio which offers plenty of power and unmatched control. Special Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons allow the rider to control the power delivery and improve the sail’s wind range. The Simmer Style V Type is crafted using a full Monofilm structure which makes it very light and improves lightwind performance. A robust Kevlar perimeter is used to reinforce critical areas. The V Type is fast and accurate, it is a pure blood freeride sail.