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Simmer Style Vision 2008

Simmer Style Vision 2008

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

The Vision is one of the most versatile wave sails crafted by Simmer Style. It is designed with specific focus on power and control and it is a powerful weapon when it is piloted by experienced riders. The Vision has a similar design pattern as the XFlex, but it is built using different fabrics. The Xflex is crafted using X-Ply and PVC fabrics, while the Vision is engineered using a full Monofilm body. The monofilm fabrics make the Vision lighter and crisper.  It also provides a direct feel and makes the sail very responsive.

The sail has great pump abilities and reacts quickly to rider input. It has a Focused Power Point which assures optimal power delivery and a very comfortable ride. The great thing about the Simmer Style Vision is that it can become neutral exactly when needed. A reduced head outline combined with better twist characteristics make the Vision lighter and provide superior turning and handling performance. The sail generates excellent low end power and has a nice upwind and planning potential. It is also very stable due to the use of a five battens skeleton.

The Simmer Style Vision is very reactive and easy to control. It behaves predictable during water and aerial maneuvers and it keeps the rider comfortable at all times. The negative tack foot outline gives more space for the rider’s lower body when he tackles bigger waves or performs technical maneuvers. The Simmer Style Vision is a very dynamic wave sail which is guaranteed to take this discipline to a new level. It is available in 2.7 up to 6.1 square meters sizes and it uses a vario or fixed top depending on size.