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Simmer Style X Type 2009

Simmer Style X Type 2009


A new series of Simmer Style sails is ready to revolutionize the world of windsurfing in 2009. All sails have been crafted according to the highest quality standards and are intended to offer the best performance in their class. The X Type is a fast and powerful freeride sail. Due to the fact that it is quite powerful and it can reach impressive speeds, the X Type can be used for freerace without problems. The X Type is crafted using a cam free design, but it offers similar performance as a cambered sail. Due to the fact that it uses no cams, it is much easier to rig, derig and operate. This sail is the perfect sail for riders that want to experience some fast flatwater action without much hassle.

The Simmer Style X Type offers specific performance depending on its size. Smaller sail models offer exceptional freeride performance, while larger models are more race oriented and reach a higher speed. The X Type has an aerodynamic shape which generates excellent power and creates a fast, fluid and drag free glide. It has impressive early planning abilities and it is also able to propel a larger board upwind without problems. At high speeds or in high winds, the X Type feels very steady due to the use of a solid seven battens skeleton.

Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons are used to maintain a stable draft profile, assure a controlled power delivery and improve the sail’s wind range. The aerodynamic profile and the lightweight structure make the sail easy to handle at all times. These features also improve the sail’s performance in marginal wind conditions. Simmer Style has crafted the X Type using a full X-Ply body. The X-Ply fabrics make the sail incredible durable, light and responsive.  If you are a dedicated freerider who loves high speed and thrilling drives, the Simmer Style X Type is the perfect sail for you.