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Simmer Style X Type II 2008

Simmer Style X Type II 2008


Freeride is a very popular windsurfing discipline. It gathers a huge number of fans and many of them are experienced sailors that enjoy powerful drives. These sailors need a fast and powerful sail to offer them the ultimate performance. The new 2008 Simmer Style X Type II is guaranteed to cover all of their needs. The X Type II is engineered using a special shaping technology which makes it fast, powerful and accurate. Due to the excellent power it offers, the sail can be used for fast freerides, as well as for drag racing or freerace. It can also boost extra power and perform spectacular jumps and aerial moves.

The Simmer Style X Type II offers not only raw power and speed, but also top maneuverability and control. It is also very stable, due to the use of a six or seven batten skeleton. Larger sizes use seven battens, as they are race oriented and faster. One or two battens are located below the boom depending on the sail’s size. This feature defines a fuller draft profile, provides added stability and assures excellent turning performance. The sail is engineered using a lightweight structure which makes it very reactive. At the same time, the lighter construction provides superior performance in marginal wind conditions.

The X Type II runs fast in light winds and faster in high winds. The sail can be used with wider boards and even with slalom boards. It adapts itself to various wind conditions and provides excellent early planning and upwind performance. Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons provide a controlled power delivery and maximize the wind range. They also maintain an optimal draft profile. The Simmer Style X Type II is build using light and durable X-Ply fabrics, plus additional Kevlar and Dacron reinforcements in high stress areas.