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Simmer Style XD 2009

Simmer Style XD 2009

Sizes: 5.0 - 5.9  6.0 - 6.9
Sail type: Freestyle
Brand: Simmer Style

The Simmer Style sails are well known for the top quality and performance they offer. In 2009 a new series of sails is ready to revolutionize the world of windsurfing and improve the sailing experience of all riders out there. The XD is the perfect sail for the stylish freestyle rider that demands power, pop, speed and control. The new 2009 version of the XD borrows a few successful features from the previous XD models, but it is further tuned and tweaked to offer better performance. 

The sail features a compact profile and has a straighter outline. This way it is extremely easy to handle during aerial or water tricks. The sail generates a good boost and it is able to offer high and spectacular jumps. It also provides plenty of low end power and has very nice early planning and upwind potential. The straighter outline improves the aerodynamic performance and assures a very fluid drive. A great thing about the Simmer Style XD is that it has a smooth, but constant and consistent power delivery and it is able to accelerate quickly when needed.

The XD features a high aspect ratio which assures a good power delivery and accurate control. The sail feels very comfortable to ride and operate due to the use of a high cut foot and a lateral pressure point. A solid five battens skeleton assures excellent stability at all times. Additional Kevlar Stretch Control tendons maintain a stable draft profile and assure a controlled power delivery and a better performance in a wider wind range. The Simmer Style XD is constructed using an X-ply panel structure and protected in high stress areas by a Kevlar perimeter. The XD is agile and accurate; it is the perfect choice for freestyle enthusiasts.