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WindWing Bash Enduro 2010

WindWing Bash Enduro 2010


The Bash series is engineered to perform efficiently in all conditions and for any rider, regardless of style or skill. The WindWing team has done a great job with both the Comp and the Enduro sails, since they are great all round performers. If the Comp is built on lightweight concepts and intended for those demanding ultimate performance, the Enduro is also a high performance sail, but it is heavily reinforced. The Enduro is built on a no monofilm pattern, using only X-ply laminate fabrics and heavy duty Dacron. The sail can take any possible punishment in all weather conditions without suffering any damage at all. A no cam design is used to simplify set up, rigging and handling, so the Enduro can be used without any effort by any rider. Just like the Comp, Enduroi also makes use of batten tensioners to significantly improve overall turning and rotations and permit a direct and precise control. The innovative use of an in haul strap delvers a good amount of low end power, so the rider can enjoy high speed glides or acrobatic moves without any hassle.

Overall maneuverability and stability are increased by using a four or five battens configuration combined with a D2T head. Highly durable, easy to use, fast and accurate, the WindWing Bash Enduro is one of the most reliable sails, which performs great in all wave conditions or styles.

To cover a large wind range, the sail is available in 2.9 to 6.2 meter sizes.