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WindWing Hammer 2010

WindWing Hammer 2010


The 2010 Hammer by WindWing is constructed with focus on speed and stability, and based on the concept that it should run perfectly in any wind or weave conditions. The Hammer is indeed one of the sails that deliver optimal performance and reliability even when other sails are blown away by stron wind or when the waves get really high. No other sail is so stable and easy to maneuver in rough conditions.  WindWing has used an innovative technology called 3D Twist to improve steering, turning and rotation. That is not only the single innovation used by the manufacturer. The sail features a removable cam system, that allows the rider to choose between a no cam design and a one or two cam systems supported by camber inducers. You can say that the Hammer really fits any style or type of rider. When it uses the no cam option the sail performs great for transitions or acrobatic moves, while when it uses the cam option it becomes more aggressive and delivers intense speeds.

Since it is intended for use in high winds and rough weather conditions, the WindWing Hammer is built on a seven tube battens and a D2T head, which offers increased stability and makes the Hammer RDM very reliable out on the waves. Extra durability is provided by the use of an X-ply construction reinforced with Dacron and Kevlar Fabrics. Although reinforced and built to outstand gusty conditions, the sail is light and has a comfortable control at all times, assuring a smooth and safe ride.

To cover a wide wind range the WindWing Hammer comes in 6.3 to 9.0 meter sizes.